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John Bilezikjian - Merry Christmas [1976] 12" LP (sealed deadstock!)

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With privilege from Johnny Bilezikjian.

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2nd edition release featuring holiday hits, classical transcriptions, 16th c. carols, Spanish traditional, Armenian and more! Sealed deadstock.

"The selections on this record album were selected by the artist, to express personal feelings at the Christmas season. Two selections from John Bilezikjian's library of J.S. Bach compositions were chosen. A special composition was composed by Mr. Bilezikjian expressly for this album, the "Cancion Para Nadia". "Low the Conquering Hero Comes" is a march from the Oratorio Judas Maccabeus by Handel. The melody is also heard in the Armenian Mass, it is called Der Vogormia.

"Lerner Hayreni," is an Armenian Composition and is here dedicated to his loving parents Andrew and Alice Bilezikjian. The "Bagatelle" is a composition by John Bilezikjian and is dedicated to a fellow oudist Mr. George Mgrdichian. "Coventry Carol" and "What Child Is This" are 16th Century Traditional compositions arranged by the artist. 

"The Little Drummer Boy" and "What Child Is This" were especially arranged for this album in a Christmas setting.

Side A

1. "Praeludium I" from WTC Vol. 1 (J.S. Bach)

2. "Christmas Medley Opus I" 

3. "Cancion Para Nadia" (John Bilezikjian)

4. "A La Nanita Nana" (Spanish Traditional)

5. "Silent Night" (Franz Gruber, Augsburg Publishing)

6. "Karoon Aravod" (Garo Zakarian)

7. "Low, The Conquering Hero Comes" (G.F. Handel)

8. "Lerner Hayreni" (A. Merangulian)

Side B

1. "Jesu, Men's Desire" (J.S. Bach)

2. "Bagatelle" (John Bilezikjian)

3. "Christmas Medley Opus II"

4. "Coventry Carol" (16th C. English Traditional, Anonymous)

5. "What Child Is This" (16th C. English Traditional)

6. The Little Drummer Boy (Davis, Onoratti, Simeone, Belwin Mills Publishing)

Produced by John Bilezikjian

Music arranged by John Bilezikjian

Original recording and remix engineer Dennis Rose

Recorded at Golden Goose Productions

Manufactured by Phonopress

Photography by Don Hagopian

(C) copyright secured by John Bilezikjian

(P) Bilezikjian Publishing Co. BMI

Thanks to: Steve Arambula, Paris Alexander

All instruments heard were performed by John Bilezikjian

oud, violin, mandolin, Derbeckke, Dumbeck, Bell Tree"