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Discotchari Guest Mix for Midnight Voodoo

(Radio Alhara, 06/06/23)

5 Selects w/ Discotchari

(In Sheep's Clothing HiFi, 05/16/23)

Start your 2023 with some Armenian Goldies and Classics

(Civilnet, 12/31/22)

Discotchari Presents: Armenian Retro-Ballads and Garden Fresh Picks

(NTS Live, 11/11/22)

Armenia: Solidarity Broadcast | P Kirn & Urvakan Festival

(Refuge Worldwide, 10/11/22)

A Sound Library for the Ages: Zach Asdourian and Anaïs Gyulbudaghyan of Discotchari

(Armenian Weekly, 10/20/22)

Vintage Armenian Sounds Make a Comeback Thanks to Armenian DJs

(PBS SoCal, 06/02/22)