Discotchari (a portmanteau of "disco" and the folk dance "kotchari") is the investigative musical journey of Zachary Asdourian and Anaïs Gyulbudaghyan; together they are pushing the boundaries of Armenian music produced in diaspora outposts and strongholds from Boston to Beirut, Montevideo to Marseilles and Santa Monica Boulevard to Sayat Nova Avenue. Functioning as a record label and performing act, they are passionate about under-exposed dance music born from immigrant communities and cultural waves around the world; their ultimate goal is to ensure Armenian music thrives in the global landscape of "international rare grooves" by supplying soundtracks that sway multicultural audiences and build solidarity through shared appreciation of irresistible songs. Additionally, they host a monthly radio show, promote events at renown local venues, and share physical discoveries on their their YouTube and Instagram channels. 

Anaïs Gyulbudaghyan is from Yerevan, Armenia, where she is a pioneer of the underground electronic scene. A huge advocate for her country’s talent, she’s also a contributing writer for fashion editorials including Not Just A Label and a savvy PR specialist creating global opportunities for independent designers and artists. On the other hand, Zach Asdourian is a 3rd-generation Armenian-American who spent several years doubling as an agent assistant and A&R scout in the offices of a Hollywood talent agency before starting his own electronic record label during the peak of COVID. He's produced multiple albums by artists from Armenia who incorporate folk elements into electronic music compositions, and with Anaïs he shares the passion of discovering obscure dance music from around the world and throughout the ages.