"Silk Road Secret Agents" on Dublab

Silk Road Secret Agents is our monthly debriefing of music that highlights the fusion of musical movements around the world and throughout the ages with ethnic identities rooted in the diverse Silk Road region. We also dive deep into the history of artists whose life stories and music evoke dramatic cinema fit for Tarantino, Kiarostami, Wong Kar-Wai, Youssef Chahine and other legendary directors. These artists often times relied on their musical talent to navigate complex social structures, unite people from different backgrounds, and preserve their ethnic roots by reimagining them in new forms: inspiring the name “Silk Road Secret Agents”.
The basis of the Silk Road’s influence was local demand and appreciation for foreign supply of spices, materials, knowledge and all other tangible forms of culture. Alongside our radio show, we bring these values into the real world by playing and promoting live events featuring local talent who collectively embody the second metaphor of “Silk Road Secret Agents": music selectors and artists acting as ambassadors and creators of international dance and roots music that is embedded with traditions catering to multinational audiences commonly found in cities with rich social fabric.
Tune into our programs and meet us at our events where we musically navigate legendary trade routes connecting Asia and Africa with Europe via The Middle East, sewing a rich tapestry of shared heritage as we go. We will rely on sound waves, realized from thousands of years of cultural exchange, to disrupt conventional perspectives and diffuse critical intel behind often elusive recordings. Requirements for joining the Silk Road Secret Agents include enthusiasm for iconoclasm and reliable sonic transportation.

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