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[CRTQ004] D.zúk - Ishkhan (12" Orange Vinyl)

[CRTQ004] D.zúk - Ishkhan (12" Orange Vinyl)

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From our parent label Critique:

everywhere @chezcritique

Born Hovhannes Sargsyan, D.zúk (”dzook” = ”fish”) is a Yerevan-based producer influenced by the delicate qualities of nature, juxtaposed against the concrete imprint of human existence. His debut, Ishkhan (“eesh khan” =“prince”; also refers to an endemic trout found in Lake Sevan) is a pensive journey through ethereal, underwater landscapes. Aquatic adventures between house, downtempo, bass and ambiance.

Digitally released July 30, 2021
Physically released November 12, 2022

Lyrics and Production: Hovhannes Sargsyan
Vocals: Susanna Najaryan (Nané), Root (Punge), Chara Dalian (Poghpatits Sarer), Arto Tuncboyaciyan (Revers), Meta (Sa)
Ethnic Instruments (Zurna, Duduk, Shvi, Pku): Grig Araqelyan
Mastering: Drop Records
Art Direction: Zach Asdourian
Illustrations: @xoromat

Bandcamp comments:
khemet - "Glad to have stumbled across this gem. Loving the cultural vibrations especially enjoy the tune "Anush." Thank you for sharing your creativity."

Seva - "This album is absolutely mindblowing. There is a flow here, a journey that it takes you on, track by track, requiring you to focus and live in it. I haven't listened to anything quite this impactful in a long time. Reverse is like a mini encapsulation of the concept - it's a world in a song, shifting moods and atmospheres as it goes. Not enough superlatives to describe this. Favorite track: Reverse."
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