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[CRTQ001] Various Artists - YERAZ (2 x 12" Double LP)

[CRTQ001] Various Artists - YERAZ (2 x 12" Double LP)

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From our parent label Critique:

everywhere @chezcritique

Embodying the transcendent, creative spirit of Armenian culture, this record serves a variety of purposes. It is a cultural compilation as much as it is an indigenous tool for meditation, live mixing and everything in between. Naturally, YERAZ reflects the richness and resilience of Armenian people; persevering through thousands of years of history and flourishing everywhere they go.

Pressed on 135g 12" black vinyl, printed with full color labels and single jacket. Cover artwork by Natalee Miller

"A quality archival project and an exploration of sounds that’ll have the diggers scrambling." - Best Albums of the Year (March 2021), Mixmag

“What’s striking is the depth and breadth of artists here, and how every track feels special and carefully considered in a way that is, quite honestly, rare for a charity compilation—a testament both to the artists themselves, and to Sarkissian and Asdourian’s curatorial ears.” - Jes Skolnik, Bandcamp

“YERAZ is named after the Armenian word for dream — an apt description for its soothing, lo-fi feel… the LP oscillates between upbeat and meditative across different musical styles including an Armenian traditional touch.” - Lucia De La Torre, The Calvert Journal

"“Port Sayid” not only portrays Bei Ru’s fluidity as an artist across various genres, namely soul, funk, house, and electronic music, but it also exemplifies the status of Armenians at the intersection of so many different cultures, peoples, and sounds.” - Pauline Pechakjian, Moonrise Magazine

“Traditional instruments are woven effortlessly into electronic production, allowing the tracks to be simultaneously contemporary and grounded in Armenian culture. The result is quite special – a mélange of lo-fi, downtempo, soul-tinged music alongside funky, pulsating and energetic tracks.” - Christian Mamo, Emerging Europe

“Loosely wavering between ambient, meditative, and electronic moods, YERAZ, an all-Armenian compilation highlighting talent from “Los Angeles to Yerevan,” is a fetching cultural snapshot deserving of mainstream ears who crave environmental IDM." - John-Paul Shiver, 48Hills

A1 Emil Abramyan - Sky

A2 Bei Ru - Port Sayid

A3 Lara Sarkissian - Suspended In Time, By The Sea

B4 Armen Ra - Crane

B5 Deradoorian - Three Duduks

C6 KamavoSian - Masiv Calling

C7 Melineh - Antsi Antsnem

D8 Serjo - Love Delivery

D9 D.Zúk - Arevmutq

D10 Taleen Kali - Sonic Meditation

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